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We are Hyperbarics, Chamber Certification & Diving Research SIMPLIFIED!

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IBUM exists to train recompression chamber operators, Diving Medical Technicians, Advanced Diving Medical Technicians, Intermediate Hyperbaric Technicians, Advanced Clinical Hyperbaric Technicians and Hyperbaric Physicians as well as educate and increase safety for those who work in the hyperbaric field and certify facilities to the highest international standard.

We continue to lead the industry by offering a brand new to the industry course for Chiropractors and Functional Medicine providers. Our position is ... any individual who wishes to learn to be more safe in their actions for the treatment of others should have a venue in which to accomplish this important industry protective task.

We tackle research problems that organizations historically shy away from such as In Water Recompression and the possibility of using hyperbaric oxygen to help with new medical concerns such as COVID-19 and COVID long hauler syndrome through peer-reviewed studies.

Aside for our internal research, we also seed hyperbaric medicine and diving research throughout the world to help improve our community.