CME Closing Report Processing Fee (due at each course closing)

Activity Closing Report Spreadsheet:

Once the payment is received you will get an email with¬†a¬†link to download the spreadsheet.¬†Please complete¬†all fields (where applicable) on the spreadsheet and email it to¬†[email protected]

The Closing Report Spreadsheet requires you to provide the following:

Full name of all participants even if they are not claiming CME credit.

  • Participant:
  • Credentials
  • Address
  • Email
  • CME hours earned
  • Pre and Post Program Exam Scores
  • Pre and Post Practical Factor Scores
  • Opt-in / Opt-out permission to share information

Valuation summary: showing how the provider analyzes changes in learners (competence, performance, or patient outcomes) achieved as a result of the overall program's activities/educational interventions. Describe the strategies you used to obtain data or information about changes achieved in learners’ competence or performance or patient outcomes as a result of their participation in this activity, including, for example, questions you asked the learner about changes in competence or performance or other change data such as quality improvement or patient outcomes.

Closing report processing fee: credit card payment prior to submission ($300)

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